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Anglo-saxon England

Peter Hunter Blair et al.

ABBC Publications, London, 1957.

British History - British Art - Anglo-saxon England - Middle-Age - Paperback - Used

In-8, plaquette agrafée sous couverture illustrée en noir et blanc, 38 pp.

Illustrations en noir et blanc et en couleur.

Bon état d'ensemble malgré quelques marques d'usage sur les plats.

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Anglo-saxon England, by Peter Hunter Blair - Introductory notes for the broadcasts, by  Maurice Barley : The Alfred Legend. - Kings, Lords and Peasants. - Towns and Trade. - Language and Literature. - The Age of Dunstan. - Anglo-saxon Studies - Visible evidence of Anglo-saxon England, by David Talbot Rice : I. Churches. - II. Crosses. - III. Roods. - IV. Norse Ornament. - V. Schools of Sculpture - Some Definitions - Comparative Dates - Books to read.

"William the Conqueror's victory at Hastings in October 1066 marks sharply and decisively the end of the Anglo-Saxon state, but only if we define that term as meaning a state with an Anglo-Saxon king at its head. No-one suppose that this civilization which spanned a period of roughly 500 years - as long as the Wars of the Roses to the present day- could have been destroyed as the result of a single battle."