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The Architecture of Wren

Downes, Kerry

Redhedge, s.l., 1988.

British Art - Sir Christopher Wren - English Architecture - Greenwich Hospitals - The new Hampton Court - Saint-Paul's Cathedral - Paperback - Good Condition

In-8, broché sous couverture illustrée en couleur, xviii-139pp. -pl.

Avec 169 illustrations en noir et blanc en hors texte.

Bon état d'ensemble. Une coiffe et un coin émoussés.

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List of Text Figures - List of Plates - Note to the Reader - Preface - I. Promise - II. Occasion - III. Quality - IV. Experiment I. - V. Principles - VI. Experiment II. - VII. Results - VIII. Spring - IX. Summer - X. Autumn - XI. "Resurgam" - Notes - List of works - Bibliography - Index - Plates.

La monographie de référence sur l'architecte anglais Sir Christopher Wren (1632-1723).

England's most famous architect was already well established both in the sciences and in architecture when in 1669 Charles II appointed him Surveyor of the King's Works. During almost forty years of office he designed the new Hampton Court, Chelsea and Greenwich Hospitals and uncompleted palaces at Winchester and Kensington, as well as the great Library of Trinity College, Cambridge. But it was the Great Fire of London of 1666 that gave him biggest - and unique- opportunity, leading to the design of the new St Paul's Cathedral, of which he lived to see the completion, and about fifty London churches.