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 p William Blake 1757 1827 A catalogue of the works of William Blake in the Tate Gallery p p Butlin Martin p

William Blake (1757-1827) - A catalogue of the works of William Blake in the Tate Gallery

Butlin, Martin

The Tate Gallery, London, 1957.

William Blake - British Painting - Romantism - A Catalogue of the Works in the Tate Gallery - Sir Anthony Blunt - Paperback - Fairly Good Condition

In-8, broché sous couverture illustrée en noir et blanc, 72 pp. - 40 pl.

Avec 40 planches en noir et blanc en fin de volume.

Assez bon état. Coins et coiffes frottés, début de retrait du film rétractable.

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Foreword by John Rothenstein - The Art of William Blake by Anthony Blunt - Catalogue by Martin Butlin : Acknowledgments. - Explanations and abbreviations - Concordance - William Blake : Chronology with Chief Writings - Early Works - Illustrations from the Illuminated Books, c. 1794-96. - The Large Colour Prints, c. 1795. - Paintings in Tempera, c. 1799-1800. - Water-Colours, c. 1800-10. - Blake's Exhibition, 1809. - Visionary Heads, 1819-20. - Paintings in Tempera on Panel, c. 1824-7. - Illustrations to Dante's Divine Comedy, 1824-7. - Miscellaneous Drawings - Drawings attributed to Robert Blake - Plates.

The works by Blake in the Tate Gallery constitue one of its special collections.

The collection's beginnings were modest. Two water-colours were transferred from the National Gallery in 1909 ; it was in October-December 1913 that the Tate paid his first tribute to the memory of Blake by holding an important exhibition of his work. This was the first Blake Exhibition to be held in a public gallery in Great Britain.

Between 1919, when the share of the works from the John Linnell collection actually became the property of the Gallery, and 1922 two works were purchased.

Two great additions to the Tate's collection of Blakes came from the Graham Robertston gift and from the collection of Thomas Butts, Blake's friend and patron.