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Blake, Palmer, Linnel & Co. The life of John Linnell

Linnel, David

The Book Guild Ltd, Lewes, East Sussex, 1994.

British Painting - English Romantic School of Painters - Landscape Painting - John Linnel - William Blake - Samuel Palmer - Hardcover - Fairly Good Condition

In-4, cartonnage éditeur sous jaquette illustrée en couleur, 413 pp.

Illustrations en noir in texte et planches couleur en hors texte.

Bon état d'ensemble. Coiffes et coins légèrement frottés, gardes légèrement salies.

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Introduction -  Part 1. The Apprentice. - Part 2. The Portrait Painter. - Part 3. The Landscape Artist - Appendices : 1. Landscapes and Other Pictures. - 2. Portraits in Oil. - 3. Miniatures. - 4. Portraits in Watercolour, Chalk, etc. - 5. Engravings. - 6. Pictures exhibited as The Royal Academy. - 7. Pictures Exhibited at the British Gallery (British Institution)  

John Linnel (1792-1882) died on 20 th January 1882 at his home at Redstone Wood, Surrey. At the time of his death, he was regarded as one of the leading landscape painters of the day.

Ten years after he was almost forgotten, and has remained so until very recently, when exhibitions, mostly of his early work, at Colnaghi's in 1973, and the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, and the Martyn Gregory Gallery, London, in 1982, have again aroused interest in his work.

This is the man who in his late twenties, when no one else showed any interest, saw the genius of William Blake and encouraged him. If it had not been for Linnel's help and sponsorship, the world would never have had the engravings to the Book of Job and Dante's Inferno.

Here also was the man who saw the talent in the young Samuel Palmer and provided the catalyst which turned Palmer into the romantic artist he became.

In most references to Linnel and Blake, Linnell is referred to as Blake's patron.